What is the prescription for a good and healthy life?

Lisa Oz
Health Education Specialist

You want to be healthy, but you do not want to obsess over it. Being preoccupied with your own wellness just makes you self-absorbed, which is death to your relationships. Creating a life full of vitality does not have to be all-consuming. Basically, I think it boils down to three things. The first is awareness. Total health involves being conscious of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and the consequences of those actions. Living on autopilot may help you survive, but it will never get you to thrive. For that, you need to make your lifestyle choices with deliberate thought and intention.

The second essential is action. You may know what to do, but actually making the change is what counts. The latest health information does nothing to improve your body if it stays in your head.

The third element for health is purpose. You need a motivation for what you do - in regard to your health and in life in general. As Mehmet likes to put it, "Give your heart a reason to keep beating." Wellness can not be the goal in and of itself. Why do you want to be healthy? What is the point of having a strong, fit body if it is not used for something worthwhile? Be well so you can be of greater service, so you can love more completely, and so you can fulfill that destiny which is uniquely yours.

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