What are lice?

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    Lice are tiny insects that live on humans and feed on blood, infesting up to ten million schoolchildren a year. Head lice are usually found in hair or on the back of the neck or behind the ears. They spread from one person to another through direct contact or via shared clothing on which lice have laid eggs.
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    Lice are parasitic insects that take up residence on our scalp and feast on human blood several times a day. The unhatched eggs they lay are called nits. Nits are about the size of a knot in a piece of thread, while adult lice are roughly the size of a sesame seed. While they are not known to spread disease, there’s no denying they’re a nuisance.
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    What are lice

    There are three types of lice, depending on where they are found on the body. Learn more on this topic in this video of Dr. Oz.

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