What are the treatment and prevention measures for kidney disease?

The treatment options for kidney disease will depend on the severity and the type of the kidney disease you have. Doctors will start by treating any disease or other medical condition that is causing your kidney failure.

If the disease is acute, meaning it developed suddenly, often as a result of injury, you will usually be hospitalized and treated for whatever caused your kidney failure and kept healthy while your kidneys recover using medications, dialysis (process that cleans your blood), and fluids given through an IV. Sometimes kidneys will recover from the disease, but if the damage is serious it can be permanent and will require dialysis or kidney transplant to keep you alive.

Chronic kidney disease happens slowly over a time span of years. It isn't usually curable, but treatment can slow down the damage to your kidney function and treat the complications of your low kidney function. Medications to control diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, bring down swelling, and treat anemia and its symptoms of fatigue and weakness may be prescribed to treat chronic kidney disease. Sometimes doctors recommend supplements to keep your bones strong. If chronic kidney disease progresses so that the kidneys fail, you will have to receive dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive. Discuss your treatment options with your doctor if you have a kidney disease.

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