What tips should I keep in mind when I inject insulin?

Wherever you choose to inject your insulin, keep these basics in mind:

• Divide the body area into injection sites about the size of a quarter. Try
to make each new injection at least a finger-width away from your last shot. You may need to devise a way to remember where that last site was. For example, you might inject all of your morning shots on the right side and all of your evening shots on the left.

• When injecting into the arm, use the outer back area of the upper arm, where there is fatty tissue. Avoid the deltoid muscle, the large triangular muscle that covers the shoulderjoint. Don’t inject into muscle tissue anywhere in the body.

• Inject anywhere there is fat on the abdomen except for the 2-inch space around the navel. This has tough tissue that causes erratic insulin absorption.

• Avoid injecting too close to moles or scar tissue anywhere on the body.

• When injecting in the thighs, shoot for the top and outside areas. If you inject the inner thighs, rubbing between the legs may make the injection site sore. Also avoid the bony area above the knees where there isn’t much fat.

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