How can I keep up with exercise if I'm traveling over the holidays?

Just as when you are at home, meaningful and effective exercise takes commitment. Even when you are not traveling, you must make time in your schedule and be consistent about your daily or routine exercise. This is the same for when you are traveling. Most hotels have gyms; otherwise, make it a point to go outside for a run or walk. Organizing some family sporting competition is also a good way to get exercise and spend time with your family. Just make it part of your schedule and explore the options (local gym or parks) to get it done as if you were at home.
The holidays are a busy time and can make it challenging to fit fitness into your schedule. Traveling over the holidays can make it difficult or impossible to visit a gym. During the holidays there are a few strategies you can use to keep your fitness goals intact. Studies show that fitness can be maintained even when performing very short bouts of exercise. In fact, something as simple as a short 10-minute training circuit can help you maintain your current fitness level. You can accomplish this even in a hotel or at a friend’s house by bringing a resistance band or by performing calisthenics for 10 minutes.

Another simple strategy is to get a pass to a local gym to exercise while on the road. Other strategies include being more active in your daily life to compensate for a lack of time at the gym such as parking far away from shops while out doing holiday shopping or running errands and taking stairs instead of elevators. Go for a brisk walk or a light jog each day, or offer to walk a friend or family member’s pets while staying in their home. Keeping these strategies in mind will help you maintain your fitness while on the road.

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