What are the different symptoms of heart problems for men and women?

Dr. Richard T. Leshner, DO
Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)

Men and women have different symptoms for heart problems. Most cardiology textbooks were written about men by cardiologists who were men.

Women have much more subtle symptomatology.  Women may have fatigue, a little shortness of breath, as opposed to the crushing chest pain running down their left arm that’s the classic description. So, doctors have to listen to men and women, and men and women themselves have to think, “Have I changed?” “Does it seem like I can’t walk to the mailbox anymore without being short of breath when I could walk a mile two years ago?” When people start to look at their lives, they sometimes can tell doctors a lot of information that’s helpful.

Men have chest pain symptoms with heart disease while women have other symptoms like fatigue.

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