What should I consider before signing a contract for a hearing aid?

Before signing a contract for a hearing aid, always look at the fine print to know what you’re paying for.

Dr. David M. Vernick, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT Specialist)

Before buying a hearing aid, it's a good idea to meet with more than one qualified hearing aid dispenser so that you can compare prices and service contracts. Evaluate the service contracts carefully. A contract should allow you to get a partial refund if the hearing aid you buy doesn't work out for you after about a month. If you want to return the hearing aid during or at the end of your defined trial period, you should receive your money back for the hearing aid, but it's fair for the audiologist or other dispenser to be paid for the time spent fitting and adjusting it. If the contract requires you to pay in full for the hearing aid even if it proves unhelpful to you, consider going elsewhere.

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