How can moms get more sleep during the school year?

If I can give these over-tasked and over-tasking women a few tips to consider as this school year kicks off, here’s a few with an eye toward better sleep:

• Knock one item off your to do list a day and aim to be in bed 15 minutes earlier than the previous night.

• Give yourself a set bed time and wake time, just as you do your kids. You wouldn’t let your seven year old stay up past midnight, so why should you?

• Likewise, you watch what your kids eat before bedtime. What are you eating within an hour of your bed time? If you’re in the kitchen plowing through a box of sugary cookies or leftover meatloaf, reconsider.

• If you read to your kids at bedtime, you’re teaching them great habits for sleep hygiene. Reading can help a person to unwind, relax, and prepare for sleep. When’s the last time you did something like that before putting yourself to bed?

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