Why are regular medical checkups important?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular exams and screenings can help save lives. They can help find problems early, when the chances for treatment, and perhaps even a cure, are better.

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Wellness exams are always important, as they offer an opportunity to review a patient’s medical record and address any needs he or she may have at that time. Different screening tests are applicable at various times throughout someone’s life, so it is important to have this review annually. As a provider, I love having quality time with a patient when no acute issue requires the focus of the appointment. It offers me time to get to know my patient better, while making sure his or her medical record is complete and up to date.

Regular medical checkups are important, even if people are feeling well, because they allow people to work together with their doctor on a plan to best promote their health. People can discuss the best diet and exercise plan, and make plans for any screening tests they should have to pick up any serious conditions that might not be causing symptoms yet. Some health conditions will not cause symptoms until they have already caused a permanent problem—like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or the early changes that may lead to cervical cancer. Seeing a doctor regularly also helps people form a good partnership, so if they ever do develop a health concern, they can work together well to address it.

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