What hair style can make me look good as I age?

Dr. Doris Day, MD
As a general rule, medium to short hair has an uplifting effect on the face. Longer styles tend to emphasize wrinkles and they’re usually too girlish for anyone with mature skin. The exception is long hair pulled away from the face and into a French twist or chignon. In fact, catching your hair in a clip or elastic actually gives you a temporary facelift! However, if you do choose to keep your hair long as it begins to go gray, you’ll either have to color it or live with an obvious demarcation line between your youthful color and the gray. On the other hand, if you opt for a close-cropped style you’ll have a full head of gray hair fairly quickly. Plenty of stylish women look wonderful with well-cut short gray or white hair, especially when they pick a new palette of make-up and wardrobe colors to enhance the silver-haired image.
Overall, my advice to patients who come to me for skin rejuvenation -- and now to you as well -- is that a flattering and up-to-date hair style will go a long way toward giving both your face and your mood a lift. Try it and see!
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