How can creating a personal altar help someone heal from grief?

Pamela Miles
Integrative Medicine

Creating a personal altar is a healing endeavor that yields continuing returns. Seeing our altar brings joy and invites us to reconnect with our inner resources. An altar is very personal, and there is no set formula. It should be beautiful and appealing to your heart. If you’d like some guidance to get started, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD suggests constructing a simple altar that honors the five elements with a crystal (metal), a flower (water), a candle (fire), and dirt (earth). Burn sage leaves carefully and safely to purify the air and uplift your spirit; the sage smoke represents air. You can add icons from your faith, pictures of mentors or ancestors who have nurtured your growth, or the names of those for whom you wish to offer prayers. Offering love and light to those who have died supports their dying process and our healing.

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