What are hyoscyamine extended-release tablets?

Hyoscyamine extended-release is an antispasmodic medication prescribed to treat painful muscle spasms and cramping that affect the bladder (urinary), stomach (peptic ulcer), intestines (irritable bowel syndrome) and digestive tract. Hyoscyamine is also used to reduce tremors and muscle stiffness related to Parkinson's disease. It can be used in combination with prescription pain medications to reduce pain caused by gallstones and kidney stones. In addition to its pain-reducing and antispasmodic qualities, hyoscyamine can help reduce excess bodily secretions that occur in the nasal passages (runny nose), sweat glands and mouth (saliva/drool), especially before anesthesia. Its drying effects can also help with other forms of excess fluid excretions that involve the lungs, pancreas and stomach (stomach acid). Extended-release tablets such as hyoscyamine are swallowed whole. The medication releases slowly into the body, providing longer-lasting relief of targeted symptoms.

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