How do I improve my ability to change direction?

Changing direction is a combination of many fundamental athletic attributes and skills. Along with being strong, flexible, and reactive - you must have fluid and efficient technique to change direction on a dime. Here are some tips to apply to any drill to improve your technique: 1.) Stay low - having great knee bend and keeping your balance over your feet is the starting point for great agility and quick re-directs. It is important that you bend from the knees and from the waist; this loads the right muscles as well as allows you to keep your head up and see what is happening around you;  2.) Keep your arms moving - when the arms stop the legs stop, so keeping short quick arm movement is necessary to powering your legs to make the quick and powerful movements necessary to change direction. Keep focused on aggressive arm action from the shoulder which will transfer energy into your legs and yield efficient and coordinated movement; and 3.) Point your toes in the direction you are re-directing - where your toes point your body will follow. It's a great way to allow your feet to guide your body.

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