Should stop exercising if I have a foot related sports injury?

Injuries can be frustrating, as they do disrupt our workout plan. However, I don't recommend stopping exercising all together. Changes in your workout will help you maintain your curent overall health status as well as make sure that you stay on track to encourage healing of your injury. Maintain all upper body activities that do not irritate the injured foot. As for the lower extremity, it may depend on the injury. You can still perform single leg exercises or bike. The side with the injury, should be seen by a health care professional so that appropriate exercises can be provided at each phase of healing. As long as swelling, bruising, sensation are normal (after the RICE period), it is important to start on range of motion and balance. There are specific rehab exercises that can be done for the foot before diving right back into your regular routine.

Though a sports injury might seem to be treated by avoiding that sport, ceasing exercise or activity all together is actually not recommended. Rest is a crucial part of treating a foot related sports injury, but so is rehabilitation, which occurs through exercise. Scar tissue begins to form as your foot heals, and then it contracts. This shrinking can make your foot become stiff, which can lead to another injury. To avoid reinjuring yourself, stretching every day is recommended. Then consider low impact exercise, like swimming, bicycling, or rowing. Only return to the activity you injured yourself with when you feel you have fully recovered.

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