How do I manage my foot related sports injury on a daily basis?

Yusuf Boyd, NASM Elite Trainer
Athletic Training

Depending on the injury and severity, you should have it evaluated by a licensed professional such as a certified athletic trainer. Athletic trainers are usually near the field, court, etc. if it is an organized event such as a high school game. If not, consult your physician first to determine the injury and severity.

For most sports related foot injuries that are not fractures or tears, you may manage by following P.R.I.C.E.

  • Protection is first and comes in the form of a brace or wrap for (immobilization boot in some severe cases) support when conducting your normal daily activities to prevent further or re-injury
  • Rest to allow your foot to heal properly
  • Ice to help alleviate pain and inflammation (on 20 minutes, off 1 hour to allow your body to go through the re warming process and get some vascular exercise)
  • Compression  
  • Elevation to help decrease swelling. You will also want to incorporate some rehabilitation exercises, which can be directed from your certified athletic trainer, physical therapist, or physician

If you recently sustained a foot related sports injury, daily care may be as simple as wearing a brace or wrap and avoiding overly strenuous activities. Instead of running, a sport like bicycling, swimming, or rowing - something that puts less stress on the foot - might be better. If your injury persists, however, you should see a doctor.

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