How can I protect my feet if I wear high heels?

Hooked on high heels? To protect your feet, try wearing high heels in moderation and saving them for special occasions. It would be better to avoid walking great distances in high heels and have a pair of sensible shoes or sneakers for walking. When your foot starts to hurt, you have been wearing high heels too much.
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
If you wear high heels, protect your feet and overall health with the following foot-friendly tips:
  • If you wear heels over 2 inches high, save them for posing (at that office party), not walking around, and travel with a pair of flats to keep your feet healthy.
  • In love with toe pinchers? Buy them a half or full size larger than usual. Add heel liners to take pressure off the toes.
  • Look for shoes with open toes so your little guys can stretch and breathe.
  • If you begin to have symptoms such as aching arches, tingling or pain in the balls of your feet, or low back pain, go to a foot doctor for an assessment and a shoe store for a pair of well-padded, good fitting, walking shoes.

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