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What foods should I avoid if I'm allergic to wheat?

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  • A Dr Paul Ehrlich, MD, Allergy & Immunology, answered
    Anyone following a wheat-free diet due to a wheat allergy must avoid:

    •   Bread crumbs
    •   Bran
    •   Cereal
    •   Couscous
    •   Cracker meal
    •   Enriched flour
    •   Farina
    •   Gluten
    •   Graham flour
    •   High-gluten flour
    •   High-protein flour
    •   Spelt
    •   Vital gluten
    •   Wheat bran
    •   Wheat germ
    •   Wheat gluten
    •   Wheat malt
    •   Wheat starch
    •   Whole wheat flour
  • A Dr Robert Silge, MD, Allergy & Immunology, answered on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare
    The following foods contain wheat:

    Beverages and formula:
    • Postum
    • Beer, gin, and some whiskeys
    Dairy products:
    • All dairy products thickened with wheat flour or wheat starch
    Eggs, meat, fish, and poultry:
    • All breaded meats with wheat flour or wheat starches
    • All meats with wheat flour or wheat starch thickeners
    • All fruits, canned or frozen, with breading or thickened with wheat flour or wheat starch
    • All vegetables canned or frozen, with breading or thickened with wheat flour or wheat starch
    Breads, cereals, and pasta:
    • Commercial breads and rolls made with wheat flour
    • All hot wheat cereals
    • All cold cereals made from wheat grains
    • All wheat crackers
    • Teriyaki rice cakes
    • Flour tortillas
    • All wheat pasta and noodles
    • Any soups with noodles or pasta and thickened with wheat flour or wheat starch
    • Salad dressings thickened with wheat flour or starches
    • Packaged gravies, dips, and sauces with wheat thickeners
    • All candy or other desserts with wheat flours or wheat starches
    • Commercial cakes, cookies, donuts, pies and pie filling, or mixes with wheat flours
    • Custards and pudding with wheat flour or starch
    • Licorice (modified food starch [MFS])
    • Most packaged frostings (MFS)
    • Peanut M&Ms
    Note: In the U.S. most modified food starch is made from corn; however, check with the manufacturer to verify it does not contain wheat.

    • Soy sauce
    • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    • Pure vanilla
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