How can I be prepared to deal with soy allergies?

Doreen Rodo
Nutrition & Dietetics

Many people have a soy or soybean allergy.  Since soy is present in many items, it's best to read the labels at all times and avoid foods with soy, soybean and soybean oil. Here are some common foods that have some form of soy:

Margarine, prepared pancakes, french toast and waffles, baked goods, breads, roll, croissants, anything with breading, salad dressings, mayonnaise, some deli meats, english muffins, graham crackers, cookies, coleslaw, marinated salads, soups and sauces. 

This list is by no means complete, so make sure to read all food labels before eating the item.

Deborah Davis
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)
The only way to prevent an allergic reaction is to avoid soy and soy proteins altogether.  Medications, such as antihistamines, may reduce signs and symptoms of soy allergies.  These drugs can be taken after exposure to soy to control your reaction and help relieve discomfort. If you have a serious allergic reaction, you may need an emergency injection of epinephrine (adrenaline) and a trip to the emergency room.  If you are at risk of having a severe reaction, you may need to carry injectable epinephrine (such as an EpiPen) with you all all times.  Ask you doctor for guidance so that you are certain you know when and how to use portable epinephrine.

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