Why take a team approach to weight loss?

Losing weight is largely about changing behaviors, including what you eat and how active you are. When trying to change a behavior you have had for a very long time it will be challenging to change that behavior. Having a support system in place will help you when things become difficult, and you’re tempted to quit. A support system will help encourage you to stay on your diet, and will praise you when you complete a work out sessions and will help you find healthier food choices and will be there to support you when you struggle. Much like quitting smoking or using alcohol studies show that people are more successful in attempts to lose weight when they have a support group there to help them. 

Because we are social creatures by nature that yearn for validation and support from others, it only makes sense to adopt a team approach to weight loss.  This team approach means seeking out other individuals with similar goals as you and then surrounding yourself with them.  They will help you persist when compliance gets difficult and praise you in your successes, which is all incredibly important in your journey towards accomplishing a healthy weight.  The people we bring into our social network influence our decision making in more ways than we might assume, so it makes sense to do everything we can to set ourselves up for goal attainment rather than failure.

Especially in the instance of weight loss, operating as a team is crucial.  Think for a second of all the social activities you engage in and how many of them are focused around the consumption of calories in some fashion or another: birthdays, lunhces, coffee runs, happy hours- the list goes on.  As human beings, we have established eating and drinking as social activities and they have become hard habits to break.  If we are around others who don't share our weight loss journey with us, then making better choices will become increasingly difficult and you will find unnecessary obstacles in your way.

On the fhe flip side, think of how many social interactions focus around physical activity.  The list is much shorter as you can guess.  When we have others on our team, they can help make walks, hikes, and workouts a more suitable and enjoyable time together than other activities such as eating and drinking.

The road to healthy weight is simple, but not always easy.  When we have a team around us that is treading our same path, we find that our successes are greater and our setbacks are responded to with resilience.  We can make things easier for ourselves by increasing our chances for goal attainment through creating an MVP team of individuals that share our same goals.  They will show us that we can easily accomplish more.

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