Can positive thinking improve my workouts?

Our behavior is directly related to our intentions; as such, it is determined by our attitude toward the behavior and the degree of social pressure that we feel to perform it. Social pressure is influence from significant others' expectations and our motivation to comply with their expectations. Lastly, when behavior is driven by personal reasons (e.g., enjoying the sense of well-being derived from exercise or regarding exercise as a social outlet), rather than external expectations (e.g., I have to exercise to make my partner happy), our adherence to said behaviors is greater. Basically, when you think positively and enjoy some aspect of your workout, your effort and adherence will improve. 

Positive thinking has been shown to increase energy levels, which is likely to increase your adherence to your workout and your effort during the workout. Further, positive thinking will help you eliminate, or resist, barriers to working out. Find aspects of the workout that you like. It could be as simple as the environment in which you choose to work out: Do you have people that hold you accountable for working out? When you exihibit a favorable attitude toward your workout, and perceive a high degree of social pressure to do it, you are more likely to do it. Lastly, we rarely work towards something that we regard negatively. Positive past experience has been found to positively influence behavior. Remind yourself of the results that working out has delivered in the past, or simply think of what you are working towards.
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Fitness begins with the mind, not the body, according to Dr. Oz's personal trainer, Donovan Green. Watch the video to learn how positive thinking can make for better workouts.

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