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    Digital fitness tracking devices come in a wide range of colors, shapes and functionality. These wearable digital devices track many things, including distance covered in a walk, run or hike, and your target heart rate during intense workouts. Using a personal fitness tracking device will make you more mindful of your activity level. Some are clip-on style, some go around your wrist, and some are small enough to tuck into your pocket. They often work together with smartphone apps and websites to help you view your activity, set health goals, share your achievements with friends and for most people, provide extra motivation to get off the couch.
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    One reason it is hard to stick to a diet and exercise program is that we often put ourselves and our needs and goals on the bottom of the list.

    While you’d never think of breaking a promise made to others, you’re often not as good at keeping those you make to yourself. To put it simply, there are two types of promises: those you keep and those you don’t. “I promise”  simply means you’ll do (or not do) what you say you’ll do (or not do). The promises you make to yourself should be the most important you keep, because you are so, so important and others depend on you to be your best self. The main reason people don't keep promises is because they’re too big -- they’re inflated. Some examples:
    • I will do 30 minutes of cardio every morning.
    • I will eat five smaller meals every day.
    • I will never eat pizza again.
    These types of promises are doomed from the get-go. There is no way they can be kept.

    Another example of inflated promises is when you make too many promises to yourself at once, like if you tried to keep all three of the above promises. At one time.

    Get the picture? Something will always happen to derail these types of promises, and that’s life.

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    What might affect an electrophysiology (EP) study?
    A number of factors can affect an electrophysiology (EP) study. In this video, Ravi K. Sureddi, MD, a cardiac electrophysiologist at Riverside Community Hospital, says that sedation is one of those factors and describes how doctors work around this.
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    How are heart rates monitored to check for symptoms of irregular heart beats?
    Irregular heart beat symptoms can be hard to determine. In this video, Ravi K. Sureddi, MD, a cardiac electrophysiologist at Riverside Community Hospital, describes heart rhythm monitors that help doctors assess rhythms properly over time.
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    The following steps can help enhance your chances at earning a job in fitness:
    • Get educated: A degree in exercise physiology, nutrition, sports medicine, sports management or business will be beneficial -- and may be required.
    • Get certified: If you want to be a personal trainer or fitness instructor, a certification from an accredited organization will prove your qualifications.
    • Get prepared: Certification in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and other emergency response training may be required.
    • Get online.Visit for job openings at health clubs and wellness companies. Resume posting and job searches are free with registration. You can set up automated searches that will email you with new matches.
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    Below are some of the key jobs available at health and fitness clubs.

    General manager:
    • Duties: Oversee club operations, membership and personal training sales, marketing, fitness programs and other responsibilities.
    • Requirements: Strong sales and management experience and a commitment to exemplary customer service.
    Fitness director:
    • Duties: Create and maintain fitness programming. Oversee group exercise, personal training, fitness assessments, member orientations and equipment. Responsible for hiring and supervising trainers.
    • Requirements: Must have strong supervisory experience and fitness knowledge.
    Group/aerobics instructor:
    • Duties: Lead various exercise classes and help participants maximize their results.
    • Requirements: Certification and/or instructional experience may be required, as well as an audition.
    Personal trainer:
    • Duties: Instruct clients on the proper methods of exercising according to their age, medical condition, fitness abilities and goals.
    • Requirements: Must have extensive knowledge of physical fitness and exercise.
    Sales representative:
    • Duties: Boost club sales, marketing and retention efforts by signing new members and renewing and upgrading existing members.
    • Requirements: Must have excellent communication skills, and experience in retail, telemarketing, sales and/or customer service.
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    Employment in the fitness industry can offer many benefits:
    • Environment: The atmosphere at most fitness clubs can be described as casual, energetic, friendly, positive and health­conscious.
    • Variety: Single­sex, corporate, family­friendly, adults­only -- whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a club for you.
    • Schedule flexibility: Most clubs are open seven days a week, so there are positions for early birds, night owls, weekend warriors and everyone in between.
    • Location: There are probably several clubs within a short commute from your home.
    • Try before you commit: Part­time or independent contractor positions allow you to get your feet wet in the fitness industry, even if you work full­time elsewhere.
    • Opportunities for advancement: Many club executives got their start as personal trainers, group instructors or front desk personnel. As the industry continues to mature, professional opportunities abound.
    • Compensation: Many positions are commission­based; even instructors are sometimes paid based on club attendance. In short, great performances often result in higher compensation.
    • Other benefits can include free memberships, discounts on amenities and free babysitting for your kids. In addition, many clubs offer traditional employee benefits including health insurance (71% of clubs), matching 401(k) contributions (64% of clubs), retirement plans (76% of clubs), educational assistance (65% of clubs), life insurance (38% of clubs) and Section 125 plans (64% of clubs).
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    Starting an exercise program in middle-age can help you reap lifelong benefits on health and longevity.

    Norwegian researchers found that older men who spent six days of 30 minutes of moderate exercise had a 40% lower risk of death than those who didn’t exercise. The researchers believe that women would enjoy the same benefits. Across the pond, Canadian scientists found that postmenopausal women who got five hours of moderate-to-vigorous aerobic exercise every week lost significantly more body fat than women who exercised less. Both studies concluded that exercise helped increase longevity and cut disease risk.

    The takeaway: It’s never too late. Talk to your doctor about an exercise regimen.
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    Lifestyle physical activity is a behavior that is broadly defined as any bodily movement produced by the contraction of muscles that substantially increases energy expenditure. This type of behavior can be accumulated during one’s daily routine by participating in 30 or more minutes of self­selected physical activities. This can include leisure activities such as a nice walk in the park, occupational work such as walking to a coworker’s desk rather than sending an email, transportation such as riding a bicycle to the store, gardening or even household chores such as vacuuming.
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    National and international employers are invited to participate in Global Employee Health & Fitness Month (GEHFM), an observance of health and fitness in the workplace each May. During GEHFM employers will challenge their employees to create Healthy Moments, form Healthy Groups, and develop a Culminating Project.

    Participants will be able to log these activities on the GEHFM website throughout the month, allowing employers and employees to track, share and promote their individual and group activities. Exclusive GEHFM vendor products can be ordered at