How can I make sure I do enough physical activity every week?

David Buer
Fitness Specialist

Being active daily is important for everyone to maintain fitness and to prevent disease. Regular exercise boosts your brain function, circulation, metabolism and immune system throughout the day.

The key to finding the right activity level for you is to stay in tune with your body. Listen to your body after every workout and figure out how much is too much for you. Then, vary your activity level based on how your body is responding. The amount of sleep you get the night before, your stress levels, daily nutrition, injury status and the previous day’s workout all play a role in how you feel on any given day. Don’t forget, your body changes and functions better as you exercise more.

When it comes to getting the physical activity you need each week, it's important to pick activities you enjoy and that match your abilities. This will help ensure that you continue to do them and derive the maximum health benefit of being active. If you have a disability, please check with your health care provider before engaging in something new.

  • Try to do a variety of activities to make physical activity more enjoyable and reduce your risk of injury.
  • Regular physical activity can still be safe and beneficial even if you have problems doing normal daily activities, such as climbing stairs or walking.
  • If you have to take a break from your regular workout routine because of an illness such as the flu, be sure to start again at a lower level and slowly work back up to your usual level of activity.

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