How can I include saturated fats in a healthy diet?

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD
Family Medicine
A healthy meal plan can include saturated fats. For example, you could take your vegetables and cook them in coconut oil. You could have a piece of grass-fed steak, which has the saturated fat in it. Those are fine as long as you’re eating clean, healthy food. If you’re eating a lot of sugar and carbs with the fat, then it’s dangerous. So, if you’re having, for example, a donut, that’s bad because it’s sugar and fat. But, if you have just the fat without the refined carbs, it actually is really great.

I, for example, like to get a tablespoon of peanut butter and I put it in my morning shake and I have what I call a “fat shake” in the morning. I have nuts and seeds. I put in almond butter, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and hemp seed. I put in coconut butter. I even put in coconut milk, which is creamy and delicious and without sugar in it or processed ingredients.  I blend it with some berries. It’s an amazing fat and protein shake with lots of antioxidants and fiber and minerals, and it keeps me going all day long.

You could also put butter on your vegetables. Some people are making coffee with it and it sounds crazy. But this "bulletproof coffee" is powerful.

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