How can I create a family mission statement?

Lynne Kenney
If you have a partner, I recommend beginning with him or her first, just the grown-ups for now. Or you may want to spend a few minutes by yourself, with pen and paper. Here are some questions to get the juices flowing. You may answer them or simply reflect on them and take note of what comes up:

1. Is our faith or spirituality important?
2. Are we committed to some cause?
3. Do we have a strong belief in a particular code of conduct?
4. What are the guiding principles we/I want the children to grow up with?
5. What do we want others to think of when our family name comes up?
6. What are the things we want our family to accomplish?
7. Looking back in ten, twenty and thirty years, how will we know we created the kind of family we are proud of?

Are any of your responses starting to look like a mission statement? Does anything jump out at you as a particularly meaningful aspect of your family life or aspirations? Your answers will reflect your particular family culture.

After you’ve spent a few minutes (though you can take all the time you like!) pondering these questions, see if you can come up with a sentence or two that sums up your family culture, based on the ideas you’ve just generated. Can you put this in the form of a mission statement? Write it down. Go ahead and write a few versions if you like, and see how they feel.
Renee Ross
Social Work
I believe a family misson  statement needs to promote support, wellnees and success to the members of the family. In order to accomplish this task the family members need to recongize the potential of every individual and to steadfastly commit to empower one another to reach every one of their aspirations,wants and desires. Family members will work together to maximize efforts to work towards growth and contribution and above all to approach each other with dignity and respect in a safe and loving environment

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