How can my family reduce morning chaos?

Michele Borba
Here are a few simple solutions to help families step back from the morning chaos and make their mornings more meaningful.

Create a Tradition: Create a special good-bye ritual with your kids that won’t take any extra time from your busy morning, such as a fun handshake, hug or saying that you repeat each morning, or even a sweet message left on a sticky note in your kids’ lunchboxes.

Put Breakfast within Arm’s Reach: Make it easier for your children to help out in the morning by placing breakfast necessities within reach. Move all breakfast foods to the lowest shelves of your refrigerator and pantry.

Include Your Kids: Create a simple color-coded “To Do” chart of morning duties for kids to handle such as feeding the fish, packing their own lunch or emptying the garbage.  Praise your kids for contributing each day.

Have a Routine Night: Avoid a rushed morning by preparing items in advance. Before bedtime, lay out outfits for your most indecisive children, pack after-school sports bags, organize your briefcase and prepare snacks such as a portable container of 100 percent orange juice or piece of fruit.

Fuel the Day: Instead of rushing out the door, talk to your kids as you pour a glass of nutrient-rich 100 percent orange juice together while you pack a healthy breakfast to go.

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