How can I move more during the day?

To move more during the day, you should choose a type of exercise that you are actually going to do! In this video, clinical nurse specialist Alice Benjamin, RN, shares some great tips for working more exercise and movement into your everyday life.
Good health includes developing sound physical activity habits. Here are five easy ways to get moving throughout your day:
  • Especially if your trip is three flights or fewer, take the stairs.
  • If you take the escalator, walk up and down.
  • Park on a higher level of a parking lot and walk down to your destination.
  • Make half your lunch break a stretch break. Get up and out of the office.
  • Before shopping at a mall, walk around the mall for 15 minutes.
The best way to be more active is to find ways to eliminate energy saving devices and machines from your life. Park further away from work and shopping, avoid drive through machines, use the stairs instead of elevators, go talk to coworkers instead of using emails of the phone. Do as many chores as you can around the home and use less labor saving devices, this will help you to increase activity during the day.

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