What is a healthy body fat percentage?

Jim White
Nutrition & Dietetics

Body fat percentage is often a more reliable way to determine how healthy an individual is as opposed to actual weight. The following body fat percentage chart is according to the NSCA guidelines.

Classification        Women           Men

Essential              10-12%          2-4%

Athletes               14-20%          6-13%

Fitness                 21-24%         14-17%

Acceptable           25-31%          18-25%

Plus                    32% plus         25% plus

The best ways to measure body fat percentage is through hydrostatic weighing, Dexa Scan or Bod Pod testing. However, a more accessible way to measure body fat percentage can be done through the use of Calipers, which is using skinfold measurements.  

There are many different body fat percentage tables, suggesting varying ranges for healthy percentages.  The suggestions that follow are based on recommendations by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. 
o Essential fat:      10-13% women      2-5% men
o Athletes:      14-20% women      6-13% men
o Fitness:      21-24% women      14-17% men
o Average:      25-31% women      18-24% men
o Obese:      32%+ women      25%+ men 

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