Can I use circumference measurements to determine body fat?

Circumference measurements can assess body fat if other, more accurate methods are not available. Circumference measurements are merely an estimate of body fat; these estimates are evaluated based on statistical data collected several years ago. If an individual is losing inches, there is a good chance they are also losing body fat. These measurements need to be taken at specific points on the body, and it is important to make sure the measurement sites are the same each time. To obtain body fat from circumference measurements a proper calculation table is necessary to provide the constants and proper age corrections. In many cases, using circumference measurements for body fat can be inaccurate. As mentioned earlier, this method provides only an estimate of body fat because it does not take into account lean body mass versus fat mass. Lean body mass is the bone, muscle tissue, and organs in our body, and fat mass is everything else. Muscle is more dense than fat, therefore it takes up less space. Imagine 100 pounds of feathers compared to 100 pounds of bricks. It will take an enormous volume of feathers to make up that 100 pounds and not very many bricks. The bricks represent the lean body mass and the feathers represent the fat mass. Two individuals could have equal chest measurements for example, but one could be solid muscle and the other not. The circumference measures are unable to differentiate between the two, so it would give the same body fat percentage.

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