Is dermal estrogen a safer choice in HRT?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Though there's much debate about the long-term safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it does appear that dermal estrogen-that is, estrogen applied to skin is safer than oral estrogen. It also appears that the pills go into the liver and have some effect in clotting proteins that can make you more susceptible to closing off arteries, while the dermal form does not get metabolized in the liver.

If you choose this therapy to deal with menopausal symptoms, it seems that natural estrogen-not plant-derived estrogen-is the most effective. Why? Plant estrogens have 150 isoflavones that interact with estrogen receptors in your body; some stimulate estrogen, while others block it-so you don't really know which are having an effect and which aren't. Also, take aspirin if you're on HRT to reduce the risk of clotting.
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