Will I benefit from reiki if I am in good health already?

Pamela Miles
Integrative Medicine

Since Reiki is a subtle healing practice that promotes balance, it can be beneficial whether one is ill or in good health. When you are well, Reiki practice can help you stay that way by optimizing your self-healing. When addressing disease, Reiki practice can support whatever conventional medical treatments you and your doctor deem necessary, providing relief from symptoms and treatment side effects, and helping you maintain a hopeful attitude throughout your treatment.

Even more useful than receiving Reiki treatment from someone else is learning to practice Reiki self-care. The entry level (First degree) practice is easily learned from a qualified Reiki teacher. Look for an in-person group class of about 10 hours, preferably over at least two days.

Once you've taken the First degree class, you have the ability to offer treatment to yourself and informally to family and friends. Most people practice Reiki self-treatment in bed, while awakening or falling asleep.

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