When should I call the doctor after endoscopic sinus surgery?

Garrett H. Bennett, MD
Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology)
Any time you have a concern about your healing or a question that you don’t think should wait, you should call your surgeon. The following are examples of reasons to call:
  1. Bleeding: Normal oozing from the nose is OK. If you have a steady stream of blood from your nose you should spray some oxymetazoline (Afrin) in your nose, pinch your nostrils together, and call your doctor.
  2. Excessive swelling: Some congestion of your nose, face or eyes is normal. If you have too much swelling, then you should call your doctor for reassurance. On rare occasion you may have bleeding into the area of the eye that can cause severe eye pain and risk vision. If your eye becomes tight or presses outward, that may be a medical emergency.
  3. Severe Pain: Some discomfort and headaches are normal. If you have too much pain or you can’t handle it, then call your doctor. If you run out of pain medication, then you may be able to have him give you more.
  4. Dehydration or Vomiting: You need to stay hydrated. If you can’t keep water down, then dehydration will increase pain and slow healing. There are times when you may need a nausea medication or to go to the emergency room for hydration. This is rare but does happen.
  5. Any Burning Question: Your doctor does not want you showing up with a serious problem at your first post-operative visit. Our office always wants you to call. We call all of our patients several times on the week following surgery. You have had surgery and if you have concerns your doctor should be aware. All that may be needed is reassurance.
Being aware of what to expect after surgery and taking care of yourself will make the recovery process much easier. 

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