What is micronized natural progesterone?


Natural Micronized Progesterone is a form of the hormone progesterone derived from plants, that matches the human progesterone, unlike synthetic forms you would find in birth control pills and many forms of synthetic HRT used for menopause [like Provera]. The micronized part is a detail describing how it is made in a way with oil, to encourage absorption thru the digestive tract when taking capsules by mouth. Many women feel it is more calming, helps them sleep, and complements their Estrogen therapy best -compared to the side effects of synthetic progestins like Provera[Medroxyprogesterone acetate].

Natural Progesterone helps promote GABA calming chemical in the brain and can have a powerful sedative effect when taken by capsule form, so often best taken at night. Natural Progesterone can also protect the uterus from exposure to estrogen therapy, currently only the oral form of it has been proven reliable for this goal.

 “Prometrium” is the brand prescription capsule of Natural Micronized Progesterone in 100mg or 200mg capsules. Prometrium is made in a Peanut oil base, and is typically taken by mouth at night either nightly or just 10-14 days of the month.  Some providers allow women to insert these same capsules vaginally instead of by mouth.

Compounding pharmacies can also make alternative forms in different types of oil capsules, by special order from your health care practitioner. Lower dose Progesterone creams are also in health food stores but they are not strong enough to protect a uterus from exposure to estrogen therapy.  

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