What should be done if I have an incidentaloma?

The two main questions to answer are: Is the tumor functional (making too much hormone)? And what is the chance that this is cancer? To answer these questions, a series of tests should be done.

The three main functional tumors to rule out are pheochromocytoma, aldosterone producing adenoma, and cortisol producing tumor (Cushing's syndrome where too much cortisol is being made). Virilizing tumors (tumors that make too much male hormone) are rare and usually cause signs and symptoms like increased hair growth (hirsutism), acne, male pattern baldness, and loss of or irregular periods that lead to a work-up.

The two types of cancer to rule out are metastases (cancer from somewhere else that spreads to the adrenal gland) and adrenocortical cancer (primary adrenal cancer). Some cancers such as melanoma, breast, and lung cancer may send metastases to the adrenal gland. 

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