Who should take Nutropin AQ?

Nutropin AQ is used for a variety of growth problems in children and adults.
For children, Nutropin AQ is intended for the following situations:

  • growth failure caused by growth hormone deficiency;
  • short stature not associated with decreased growth hormone levels (called idiopathic short stature);
  • short stature associated with Turner syndrome, a genetic condition;
  • bone growth failure associated with chronic kidney failure until kidney transplant surgery.

For adults, Nutropin AQ is intended for the following situations:

  • symptoms of adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) AND diagnosis of AGHD by lab test PLUS a cause known to be pituitary disease; surgical removal of, radiation damage to or trauma to the pituitary gland; or hypothalamic disease. AGHD symptoms include the following: increased body fat especially around the waist, anxiety and depression, changes in cholesterol test results (increased LDL compared to HDL and increased triglycerides), fatigue, increased sensitivity to heat and cold, decreased muscle mass (lean body mass), decreased strength and stamina, decreased bone density and increased frequency of bone fractures.

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