What should I know about H.P. Acthar Gel before taking it?

Before taking H.P. Acthar Gel, you should know why it is being prescribed for you, how you should take it, and what benefits and possible side effects you might experience from it. H.P. Acthar Gel is a prescription medicine used to treat conditions including infantile spasms, multiple sclerosis, juvenile arthritis and other rheumatoid diseases, kidney disease, respiratory and allergic diseases, some inflammatory eye reactions and other problems.

Also called ACTH, corticotropin or repository corticotropin, the drug is given by injection into a muscle. Although doctors aren't sure exactly how H.P. Acthar Gel works to treat all of these conditions, it is believed to impact both the brain and the adrenal gland to help the body produce cortisol and other hormones.

Side effects of H.P. Acthar Gel may include fluid retention, changes in how your body manages blood sugar, high blood pressure, increased appetite, weight gain, and mood or behavior symptoms that may include euphoria, trouble sleeping, mood swings, depression and psychosis. Talk to your doctor for more information about H.P. Acthar Gel.

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