What are the side effects of nafarelin acetate nasal solution?

Several side effects can occur when taking nafarelin acetate nasal solution for endometriosis. Allergic reactions (which require immediate medical attention) can occur, with symptoms including swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; closing of the throat; difficulty breathing; and hives.        

Promptly report the following serious side effects to your doctor: changes in vision; depression or mood changes; sudden headache; heavy or continued menstrual bleeding; chest pain or shortness of breath; fast or irregular heartbeats; swelling of hands or feet; vaginal bleeding or discharge; vomiting; or pelvic pain or swelling.        

Other side effects are generally minor, and your doctor may suggest ways to alleviate them. These include: acne, mild itching or skin rash, body odor, dandruff, change in sex drive or performance, mild headache, muscle pain, hot flashes, increase in breast size at start of therapy, increase in pubic hair growth, nasal irritation or runny nose, trouble sleeping, and vaginal dryness.

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