Eating & Nutrition For Diseases

Eating & Nutrition For Diseases

Eating & Nutrition For Diseases
Foods that you consume can be beneficial or detrimental to your health, especially, if you are fighting cancer, living with diabetes or managing pain. Nutrition is essential to your health if you are undergoing cancer treatment. Animal fats, carbohydrates, sugar can all have an impact on pain, inflammation and diabetes.

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    A , Dermatology, answered
    You can adjust your diet to minimize any accumulated toxins.
    • Berries and red grapes -- We're talking just about any berry that is red or blue: Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, acai berries, gogi berries all contain phytochemicals that destroy cancer cells both in culture form and in the liver.
    • Green tea -- The catechins (EGCG) in green tea have anti-cancer properties that prevent and reduce breast and other cancers.
    • Flaxseed -- Contains lignins that have cancer-fighting properties.
    • Garlic, onions, leeks -- Just about any part of the allium family has been shown to reduce various types of cancers including stomach and colorectal cancer, prostate and breast cancers, as well as a number of other more common cancers.
    • Broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cruciferous vegetables -- Men who eat broccoli 4 times a week have proven that their prostate cancer diminishes. Similar effects have been found when cabbage, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are eaten. Of note, broccoli sprouts have been shown to demonstrate 20 times the cancer fighting properties of plain broccoli!
    • Tomatoes -- Lycopene is the key ingredient in tomatoes and its benefits are even greater when tomatoes are cooked, so pasta sauces, pizza sauces, etc. are especially good. Studies have identified progress in the areas of prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancer. The FDA is currently disputing these studies (all 72 of them), but most experts believe that the FDA's study is flawed.
    • Resveratrol found in red wine -- Let's hear it for red wine! Resveratrol has been shown to have very powerful cancer-fighting properties that suppress abnormal cell growth which can cause many kinds of breast cancer. Resveratrol blocks the action of estrogen, which is largely responsible for breast cancer. Early studies in lab mice show similar results in prostate cancer. One glass a day should do it.
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    Here are some tips for eating healthy at restaurants if you have diabetes:

    • Don't be afraid to ask questions about the food.
    • If your server doesn't know the answers, ask him to check with the chef. Here are some questions you might want to ask:
    1.  Can the item be grilled or broiled instead of fried?
    2.  Which dishes have more vegetables?
    3.  Can a dish be stir-fried with less fat?
    4.  Which soup is made with broth instead of cream?
    5.  Can you get a baked potato, salad, or vegetables instead of fries?

    • Choose items that are baked, broiled, grilled, or poached instead of fried. Watch for clues on the menu. "Crispy" or "breaded" means fried.
    • Ask that sauces and salad dressings be served on the side. They add flavor but also add calories and fat.
    • Dip your fork into sauces and salad dressings, then spear a piece of meat or lettuce for a little sauce or dressing with each bite. Use less sour cream or butter on your baked potato or vegetables.
    • Order the smallest meat portion. A grilled chicken breast is a better choice than half a chicken. Or choose a filet instead of a 12-ounce steak. Order pasta from the appetizer list rather than the larger dinner portion. The smaller portion will save you fat, calories, and money.
    • If portions are large, eat just half of your meal. Take home the rest for lunch another day. Put the extra portion in a take home box before you dig in.
    • Think about splitting a dish with a friend. You can each order a salad and share a main course.
    • Try ethnic cuisines for a new taste treat.
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    A , Nutrition & Dietetics, answered
    Strawberries dipped in chocolate are healthy for diabetics, as are other treats prepared with quality chocolate, meaning it does not have a high amount of sugar or sweet fillings. Chocolate powder containing 75% or more cocoa with no sugar has a low glycemic index of just 25, meaning glucose is released to the blood at a pace the body’s cells can handle. Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa also is high in chromium, an essential mineral for diabetics because it helps correct glucose metabolism.
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    If you are being treated for cancer, it's important to eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. Eating frequent small meals will ensure that your body is getting enough calories, protein and nutrients to tolerate treatment. Smaller meals may also help to reduce treatment-related side effects such as nausea. Try eating five to six small meals or “mini” meals about every three hours.
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    Women have higher rates of intestinal disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis, than men have. While these disorders are often affected by diet and stress, most medical doctors manage them using steroid medications and surgery.

    Many women with IBS benefit from eating a diet high in fiber-rich foods, such as beans and whole grains. Others, however, find the most healing diet to be relatively low in starchy foods and high in protein and vegetables. Some people are helped by the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is completely grain-free.
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    Whatever diet you follow you must also have your body weight within a healthy range and exercise properly. The diet for heart health and potential cancer prevention are basically the same. Consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and substitute lean meats or fish for fatty red meats. Reduce as much as possible high fat and sugary foods/drinks and refined grains.

    Gout and Kidney stone prevention would also follow similar eating plans and weight control. However, genetics may increase your risk of these two conditions and therefore you may want to avoid or reduce foods high in purines and oxalates to reduce the risk of gout and kidney stones respectively. Examples of high-purine foods to limit or avoid: beef, pork, lamb, certain seafood (canned tuna, dark meat fish), certain shellfish (shrimp, lobster, scallops), caloric soft drinks, beer, liquor.

    Below is a list of foods that are high in oxalate that you will want to avoid if you have been told to stay away from oxalates from foods or a predisposition for kidney stones. Also keep in mind that most chocolates are high in oxalates.

    Protein Foods
    • Peanut butter
    • Soy protein
    • Tofu
    • Nuts
    • Soybean Crackers
    • Wheat germ
    • Grits
    • Cocoa
    • Ovaltine
    • Tea & coffee
    • Cola
    • Cranberry juice
    • Wine
    • Blackberries
    • Blueberries
    • Fruit cocktail
    • Grapes
    • Lemon Peel
    • Orange
    • Orange Peel
    • Plums
    • Red currants
    • Rhubarb
    • Strawberries
    • Beets
    • Beet Greens
    • Carrots
    • Cauliflower
    • Celery
    • Collard greens
    • Dandelion Greens
    • Eggplant
    • Green Beans
    • Green Peppers
    • Leeks
    • Lima Beans
    • Mustard Greens
    • Okra
    • Pokeweed
    • Rutabagas
    • Squash
    • Sweet Potato
    • Swiss Chard
    • Waxed Beans
    • Kale
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    A , Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease), answered
    Dr. Oz - calamari recipe

    Calamari doesn't have to be a deep-fried, decadent treat. In fact, it's easy to make a healthy calamari dish with amazing cancer-fighting properties. You can learn how by watching this video featuring cancer researcher Dr. William Li, a guest on The Dr. Oz Show.

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    Fructose -- the same sugar that occurs naturally in foods like fruit and corn -- is starting to appear in energy drinks and bars and some foods marketed to people with diabetes. Not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup, which is 55 percent fructose and 45 percent glucose, this is pure fructose (a popular brand is "crystalline fructose," which has been processed to look and feel like table sugar). Fructose has been touted as a good choice for people with diabetes for two reasons: it has a much lower glycemic index than sugar or honey, meaning it has a blunted impact on blood sugar. It's also sweeter, so you need about 20 percent less to achieve the same taste, thereby saving calories. However, studies have shown that pure fructose can raise cholesterol and insulin resistance and have other negative health effects, so on balance, it's not a good choice for helping you manage your diabetes.
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    A health claim describes the potential health benefits of a food, nutrient, or food substance to reduce the risk of a chronic disease or condition, such as cancer, coronary heart disease, or hypertension. Listing this information is optional, and many foods that meet the criteria don’t carry the health claim on their labels. All health claims must be supported by scientific evidence and are strictly regulated by the FDA. Examples of health claims that have FDA approval to appear on food labels include:
    • Calcium and osteoporosis
    • Sodium and hypertension
    • Dietary fat and cancer
    • Saturated fat and cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart disease
    • Fiber-containing grain products, fruits, and vegetables and cancer
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    After surgery it’s important to get plenty of the nutrients that promote healing, these nutrients would be vitamins, minerals and protein. Eating foods high in vitamins like fruits and vegetables especially green leafy vegetables and brightly colored foods and lean proteins like fish, chicken and pork will provide good sources of protein and vitamins and minerals. For people who are vegetarians you can combine various grains and beans to get a good source of complete proteins. A good example is rice and beans which will give you all the proteins needed for health.