Dry Socket

How long does dry socket last?

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  • Dry socket sometimes occurs after a tooth is extracted. When the socket is slow to heal, the condition can be very painful for three to five days or so. 

    Cigarette smoking or other tobacco use can delay healing and should be avoided.
  • Dry socket generally lasts anywhere between a week and several weeks. However, once you have received treatment for the condition, you should start feeling relief in a few hours. You may have no pain at all while your dry socket heals. Dry socket that does not heal in a few weeks may indicate other medical issues.

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    Dry socket can last for several weeks. It is extremely painful, but once your dentist treats you, the pain should subside greatly. It occurs when your have a tooth extracted and the normal blood clot that fills the hole gets removed, leaving a painful empty space known as a dry socket.
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