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Are there tips on how to get approved for Social Security disability?

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    The best advice to get your Social Security disability approved is to have all your documents in order and apply ASAP after you become disabled. It takes a loooooong time for an application to be approved (as long as five months in some cases). Here’s a quick list of what ducks you should have in a row:

    • basic information like your name, Social Security number, birth certificate, etc.
    • your medical history, including a list of all the meds you take (names and doses), your laboratory and test results, and other medical records
    • the names, addresses and phone numbers of the doctors, caseworkers, hospitals and clinics that took care of you, and dates of your visits
    • your work history (including tax forms -- W2 and/or federal return)
    • a completed disability report (you can find it online at or you can request one sent to you by snail mail)
    • a completed application for benefits (you can find it online at or you can request one sent to you by snail mail)
    • bank account information (so they know how to pay you!)
    • worker’s comp records
    For more assistance, call or go in to your local Social Security office. You can also check out the adult disability starter kits (online or in the mail).
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  • One key to getting approval for Social Security disability is to have highly detailed documentation (reports) from your doctors starting at the onset of your illness until the day you file for disability. Ask your doctors to submit in writing all prescribed medications, therapies and lifestyle measures that you use for your ailment. You also should be evaluated by a specialist, depending on the type of illness you have, who can give a detailed assessment of your illness, the signs and symptoms and the impairment to your daily life. The specialist can review the various medical tests and treatments used in your condition, so Social Security administrators have a greater understanding of your condition.


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