What is Aminosyn Electrolytes amino acid injection?

Aminosyn Electrolytes is a brand of amino acid injection that contains electrolyes. There are three Aminosyn® with electrolytes formulas: Aminosyn® WITH ELECTROLYTES 3.5%, Aminosyn® WITH ELECTROLYTES 7%, and Aminosyn® WITH ELECTROLYTES 8.5%.

Each Aminosyn Electrolytes amino acid injection contains electrolytes (such as sodium chloride, potassium acetate and magnesium acetate), essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) and nonessential amino acids (arginine, serine, and glycine). Aminosyn Electrolytes is often administered with dextrose (glucose), vitamins, trace metals and fatty acids.

Aminosyn Electrolytes injection, which is administered through an IV, is recommended for short-term use. Dosing will depend on daily caloric and protein requirements, metabolic rate, and response to treatment. 

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