How can eating prunes help strengthen my bones?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Prunes (also known as dried plums) are filled with compounds called polyphenols that rebalance your bone-building cycle.

Think of your bones as a never-ending highway construction project. Microscopic segments are constantly being demolished and rebuilt by special crews. Over time, the rebuilding teams slack off, but the demolition crews keep working hard. Result: weaker bones as you age and more danger of breaks.

Dried plums slow down the demolition, which lets the rebuilders catch up. That helps your bones. Just don't overdo prunes. They may be full of polyphenols and fiber, but, like all dried fruit, they're high in sugar -- not to mention they can quickly turn constipation into diarrhea! So add three or four prunes a day to your regular strong-bones roster.

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