Can using iohexol for an X-ray affect other diagnostic tests?

Being injected with or swallowing iohexol for your X-ray imaging scan can also have a temporary effect on the outcome of other types of diagnostic tests. For example, it can skew the results of blood tests, including counts of white and red blood cells, measurements of serum creatinine in your blood and prothrombin time and thromboplastin time tests, which measure blood clotting. Iohexol can interfere with various types of imaging scans, such as blood pool imaging, which checks how your heart is functioning, as well as imaging scans of your bones and your thyroid. It can interfere with iodine-based tests used to determine how your thyroid is functioning and with some urinalysis tests that involve taking a sample of your urine. Generally, the impact of iohexol on these kinds of tests can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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