Are dentures safe for diabetics?

As with anyone, if for a variety of reasons, dentures are your only choice of treatment, then you may have no other option.

Dentures are as safe for a diabetic as any other person. They must be kept clean, maintained and well fitting. Dentures will hopefully improve your ability to chew, enjoy food and maintain proper nutrition.

You should have an annual examination to check for inflammation, sore areas, and fit, wear and fracture of the dentures.
The American Dental Association generally advises diabetics not to wear dentures all the time. Thrush, a fungal infection, is a common complication in diabetics wearing dentures. It appears as red or white patches throughout the mouth and causes a burning feeling and may make it difficult to swallow. It is more likely to happen if you:
experience dry mouth, decreased saliva flow, have problems controlling your blood glucose levels, smoke, are taking antibiotics.

Thrush can be diagnosed by either a physician or dentist, and will resolve by taking a prescribed antifungal medication.

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