What factors can trigger depression?

There are numerous triggers of depression. These can include illness, loss of a loved one, financial problems, seasonal changes, relocation, divorce, loss of a job, and other major life changes.
Ms. Marcia Starkman
Advanced Practice Nursing
Some possible triggers for depression can also be:
  1. Physical illness. That's why it's important to see your Health Care Provider in order to rule out any underlying medical causes for depression, especially if there are no obvious triggers. Along these lines, a new and/or chronic illness, an exacerbation of symptoms, or a loss of usual function or body part can also cause depression.
  2. Seasonal affective disorder. People in northern climes can become depressed in the wintertime due to lack of sunlight and short days.
  3. Unresolved anger.
  4. Financial stress.
  5. Certain medications are known to trigger depression in some people. If you are taking any medication, and you notice that you are becoming depressed, more depressed (if you already are), or have suicidal thoughts, you need to contact your Health Care Provider immediately.
Paying attention to these types of triggers and getting professional help as early as possible when you start feeling depressed is very important. It's easier to treat in its' early stages then waiting for it to become full-blown.

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