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How should I care for my skin if I have an olive complexion?

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    This medium-toned skin type is common in people from Mediterranean regions or Latin American countries. Olive skin contains some characteristics of both darker and fairer skin types. This skin type has less melanin than dark skin, making you more prone to sun damage. While olive skin can tan beautifully, which is nature’s way of protecting you against sun damage, hyperpigmentation also occurs frequently.

    Since the collagen level in olive skin lies somewhere between dark and fair skin, you need to protect yourself from the entire spectrum of aging complaints -- from wrinkles to age spots to sagging.

    The Right Care Routine for Olive Skin

    Cleansing: Use a gentle cleanser once in the morning to remove what little residue is left from the product you applied at bedtime. At night you can use a foaming cleanser. Thoroughly cleanse to make sure you get rid of any excess sebum and makeup.

    Morning: Fight hyperpigmentation with an antioxidant product, such as a vitamin C serum. Those containing up to 15% vitamin C are best for really penetrating the skin to fight free radicals and treat dark under eye circles. Vitamin C serum is important since no sunscreen can completely block out sun rays.

    Night: To help fight blotchy skin and age spots, choose a skin-lightening agent that’s hydroquinone-free and contains retinol, to aid in the turnover of new skin cells.
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