Who will take care of me when I arrive at the trauma center?

Care at a trauma center is multidisciplinary. Patients will be overseen by the trauma service’s surgeons and other trauma professionals, including intensive care physicians, neurosurgeons and orthopedists, physical and occupational therapists, case managers, nutritionists and any other specialists needed to restore the patient to as close to his or her pre-injury state as possible.

Julia Vicente, MSN
Critical Care Nursing Specialist

Paramedics, EMTs and possibly trauma flight nurses will deliver the trauma patient to the the trauma center by groung or by helicopter. The trauma nurses will ususlly meet the victim at the helipad and assist with getting the patient into the trauma bay. In the trauma bay there should be the trauma surgeon, nurses, lab technicians, radiology technicians and pastoral care (ideally) to begin the trauma assessment process. Life threatening injuries and the airway, breathing and circulation issues are attended to first, then the secondary injuries and assessment begin. Trauma patients are either stabilized and taken to CT scan or for other emergency diagnostics, stabilized and admitted, stabilized and discharged or go to the operating room for definitive treatment or to explore and treat injuries.

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