How should I take cranberry supplements?

Many types of cranberry supplements are available. Most common are capsules or tablets, although cranberry also comes in liquids, teas, and tinctures. People using one form of supplement should not add another form without talking to their healthcare provider. Always follow your practitioner's directions and the package instructions.

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Are there any side effects from eating cranberries?
Orally, cranberry is usually well tolerated and certainly at a normal intake of 1-2 cups/day. Howeve...
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What medications can interact with cranberry supplements?
Cranberry is considered safe with almost all medications. In medicinal doses it may increase the eff...
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Are cranberry supplements safe for pregnant or nursing women?
Stacy Wiegman, PharmDStacy Wiegman, PharmD
It is possible that cranberry supplements may harm a developing fetus, so it is best not to use ...
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How do cranberry supplements treat urinary tract infections?
Cranberry supplements (or juice) aren't helpful in treating a urinary tract infection. The thinking ...
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