2 Easy Ways to Cut Your Appetite

Here are two easy ways to feel full faster on less food: use a smaller fork and chew your food longer.

Turns out these two tactics have some science behind them. In a study, people who snacked on pudding ate less when they took small bites and savored the flavor for a while.

Savor the Flavor
Yep, the pudding snackers not only took little bites, but they let the bites roll around on their tongues for a full 9 seconds. The result? They ate much less pudding than the folks who took big bites and swallowed them in 3 seconds. So next time you get the munchies, try eating with less gusto . . . 

Hunger-Busting 101
Related research suggests that the longer a particular food stays in your mouth, the more quickly your taste buds will tire of its flavor -- which in turn makes you want less of the food. Another vote for taking mini bites and eating slowly. Try these additional hunger-busting tools:

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