3 Big Benefits of Coffee

If you like coffee and it likes you (i.e., it doesn't give you migraines, jitters, an upset stomach, or irregular heartbeats), enjoy. Here's why:

  1. Coffee wards off Alzheimer's disease. Something in coffee releases a substance called GCSF that helps sweep beta-amyloid deposits (the plaque buildups seen in Alzheimer's) out of your brain. Cut your risk of Alzheimer's disease in half.
  2. Coffee fends off Parkinson's. The reason isn't clear, but the finding is consistent, and more coffee equals more protection. Protect your coffee's antioxidants with this serving style.
  3. Coffee fights diabetes. As coffee consumption goes up, diabetes risk goes down. Specifically, risk drops about 7 percent with each daily cup. Learn how coffee helps prevent diabetes.

No time to brew a fresh pot? No worries. Instant coffee holds its own because it starts out as brewed coffee and retains some of the healthy substances. Here's another bonus: Instant has two-thirds more fiber. Yep, believe it or not, a 12-ounce cup of instant coffee contains about 3 grams of fiber, versus about 1.8 grams in brewed.

Don't like coffee? Here's how to get its benefits without touching the stuff.