What tends to trigger anger in children?

Everyone has different things that trigger anger. These are your pet peeves and they really irk you when they happen. So while triggers vary from person to person, it's important to identify what sets you off. This way you can avoid anger provoking situations. Now, of course not all situations can be avoided, so we need to learn how to cope with them without getting all worked up.

Anger triggers may change over time. For example, when you were a child not getting instant gratification for something you wanted may have been an anger trigger. Odds are as an adult; you have learned patience and don't throw a fit if you don't get what you want.

So, how does this apply to children? Well, you can help your child identify what his or her triggers are by observing the events that cause frustration. Next, teach them to deal with or channel their anger appropriately. By doing this, not only are you helping your child work through the situation, but you’re teaching them the essential skills of self-control that can last a life time.

Lynne Kenney
While every child is different, research suggests that the limbic system is involved in the experience of anger. Using calming strategies such as exercise, meditation, yoga, music, art and rest can help children. Helping children identify what leads up to the feeling of anger and how to calm one self down before going over what I call "Anger Mountain" is key.
Charles J. Sophy, MD
Adolescent Medicine

Depending on the age and developmental stage of the child, anger will be triggered from many different issues.

That said we must always remember that anger is a healthy emotion that must be expressed in a safe and respectful manner.

Children's anger tends to be more about objects and goal blockages. The anger that results when someone takes a toy away from a child at play illustrates this point perfectly.

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